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Essentially Catering Magazine - January 2019

        Industry News

        Curry houses warned

        to innovate or die

        Ajmal Mushtaq, the owner of one of Britain’s biggest takeaway
        restaurants, Mushtaqs in Hamilton, Scotland, has warned that over a third
        of the country’s independent takeaway restaurants will disappear from
        our high street within five years.
          Despite the warning, Mushtaq, a former City management consultant, remains upbeat about the prospects for the
        takeaway sector. “The sector as a whole is thriving as more customers are ordering takeaways than ever before,” says
        Mushtaq. “But I predict there will be a huge shake up that will see many of our long-established curry house go out of
        business in the coming years.
          “The main reason these businesses will fail will be their inability to keep ahead of the technological advances in the sector.
        The rise of aggregators such as Just Eat has shed a positive light on this multi-billion pound industry. This is now attracting
        hundreds of millions of pounds of new investment into this sector from companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. It is
        going to be hard for a traditional operator to compete on technology. The problem will be further compounded by the rise of
        dark kitchens owned by the likes of Deliveroo.
          “As for the future, it’s only a matter of time before a serious Indian curry high street chain is launched. I predict it will
        be one of the larger online aggregators - Uber EATS, Just Eat or Deliveroo - they will replace the small independent with
        management, slick marketing and consumer-relevant technology.”
          Mushtaqs was recently crowned the Just Eat Best Takeaway in Britain at the Asian Curry Awards, a title successfully
        defended for the second year running.
          Hospitality industry urged to

          adopt new energy technology

          The hospitality industry in the UK could save at least £242.7m on its energy bills by adopting new energy
          technologies like solar panels and battery storage, according to a new report.
            The Distributed Energy: Powering the Future of Hospitality and Leisure report, published by Centrica, also found that
          if just half of the hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés in the UK adopted new energy technology, it would boost the
          country’s economic growth by £2.9bn GVA (gross value added) and support the creation of 39,150 jobs.
            The hospitality industry spends more than £1.3bn a year on energy. The Government has challenged all businesses to
          improve their energy productivity by 20% by 2030, as set out in the Clean Growth Strategy.
            Alan Barlow, UK and Ireland Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Hospitality is a cornerstone of the UK,
          both economically and culturally, but it’s a challenging period for the sector – for
          example, 2018 was the first time in eight years that the number of restaurants in
          the UK fell.
            “Pressures on the industry are intensifying so it’s vital that businesses do what
          they can to bring down the costs they can control – reducing energy consumption
          is an important part of this. But taking a more strategic approach to energy is more
          than just a cost-cutting exercise.
            “Solar power, battery storage, combined heat and power units – these types of
          new energy technology can help fuel business growth by improving cash flow or
          realising additional revenue streams through selling energy back to the National
          Grid. Deploying this technology also presents an opportunity to demonstrate green
          credentials to an increasingly environmentally sensitive customer base.”
            To read the report in full, click here.

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