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        A missed opportuni-tea

        New research from Brita Professional has revealed that   report show that there are
        while consumers enjoy coffee out of home, tea is not   some disparities between
        hitting the spot. According to the figures, which are   how consumers and baristas
        included in a new report by the company, while 52% of   define what makes a quality hot
        consumers say the taste of coffee would make them     beverage; this presents some new
        choose to visit a café over another, 46% don’t believe the   and missed opportunities to take hot beverage offerings
        quality of tea is better in cafés than at home.       to the next level.”
          The findings show that 29% of consumers prefer the    Click here to download a copy of the Life is Better Filtered:
        taste of tea when it is made at home rather than in a café.   Beyond the Brew report, which includes tips from industry
        And, while 37% of consumers visit a café to drink coffee   experts on how to overcome the challenges in the hot
        they can’t make at home, only 15% say the same for tea.   beverages sector.
        This demonstrates an opportunity for operators to improve
        their tea offering and tap into the 165 million cups that are
        consumed daily in the UK.
          Brita’s report, Life is Better Filtered: Beyond the Brew,
        includes the full research results, addresses the challenges
        businesses face in providing a high-quality hot beverage
        offering and explores the evolution of the sector as
        competition and expectations increase and trends develop.
          Speaking about the launch of the report, Samantha
        Scoles, Business Manager at Brita Professional, said: “Our
        research and subsequent

                                              Pasta straws – beyond

                                              plastic and paper

                                              Throwing its novel and highly effective hat into the straws-and-
                                              sustainability ring is The Pasta Straw Company, a recently launched
                                              company whose products are, unsurprisingly, pasta straws.
                                                 “8.5 billion single-use plastic straws are thrown away in the UK each
                                              year contributing to the 150 million tonnes of plastic waste thrown into
                                              our oceans,” says Raj Arora, who launched the business in September
                                              with wife Bettina Arora.
                                                 “With paper and cardboard straws taking anything up to 100 days
                                              to compost and plastic straws taking anything up to 200 years to
                                              biodegrade, our straws are the very best alternative to other existing
                                              straws,” insists Bettina. “Our straws are made from 100% natural
                                              ingredients, contain no animal products, are 100% biodegradable and
                                              suitable for vegans.”
                                                 The Pasta Straw Company is the only UK supplier of pasta straws,
                                              which are sourced from Italy.
                                                 For more information, visit or

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