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Essentially Catering Magazine - December 2018

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        Taste of the future

        Registration is now open for the 2019 Nestle Professional
        Toque d’Or competition for students and apprentice chefs at
        commis level in the UK.
          Now in its 31st year, the Toque d’Or competition is one of the UK’s
        most influential training and development programmes, bridging the
        gap between the theories of the classroom, work-based learning and
        the reality of the industry. The competition is free to enter and aims
        to inspire the next generation of talented young chefs to develop their
        skills, knowledge and experience.
          The competition itself has evolved significantly since its inauguration
        in line with the changing needs of the UK foodservice industry and
        education. This year, with research stating nearly half (44%) of
        consumers consider the sustainability of ingredients to be important
        when eating out, a key competition focus is on sustainability and vegetarianism. The competition will
        centre around menu items that possess excellent sustainability credentials and link into health and
          Katya Simmons, Managing Director, Nestlé Professional UK&I said: “We see Toque d’Or as so much
        more than just a competition. We are focused on motivating and inspiring potential talent and opening
        young people’s minds to the opportunities within our industry. It’s about giving them a taste of their future.”
          To enter the Nestlé Professional Toque d’Or competition, visit or call 0800 745 845. Deadline is 30 November 2018.
          Rehab 4 Addiction

                                        Unfortunately the stressful conditions under which many in the foodservice
                                        industry work on a daily basis can adversely affect people, causing depression
                                        for some, with others seeking solace in alcohol or drugs.
                                          At this particularly busy time of year, some colleagues in the industry may be
                                        particularly vulnerable. Rehab 4 Addiction is a free helpline for those suffering from
                                        drug, alcohol and mental health problems. Available 24/7 the helpline was started in
                                        2011 by Oliver, who has been recovering from addiction for over 20 years.
                                          For further information, phone 0800 140 4690 or visit

        Cheers to fruit cider category

                                                  Six months on from its launch, Westons Cider has sold its one-
                                                  millionth pint of Stowford Press Mixed Berries in the on-trade.
                                                    The success of the cider producer’s newest fruit cider follows Westons’
                                                  predictions that fruit variants will make up almost half of all cider sold in
                                                  the UK within five years. “The consumer thirst for Stowford Press Mixed
                                                  Berries has been incredible,” explains Sally McKinnon, Head of Marketing
                                                  for Westons Cider.
                                                    “Before launch, we were confident that introducing a fruit offering for
                                                  Stowford Press would bring even more consumers into the growing fruit
                                                  cider category, but the success of Mixed Berries has smashed even our
         Demand for fruit cider is up +13.1% YOY  own ambitious targets.”

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