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Essentially Catering Magazine - December 2018

        Industry News

          Burgeoning meat-free market

                                                                Keen to get a slice of the meat-free action, as many as
                                                              56% of UK adults had eaten vegetarian/meat-free foods
                                                              in the six months to July 2018, a significant increase from
                                                              the 50% who had eaten these foods in the six months to
                                                              March 2017. Estimated to reach £740 million in 2018, sales
                                                              of meat-free foods (including a growing range of vegan
                                                              products) have shot up 22% between 2013-18. Growth is
                                                              set to continue as value sales of the meat-free market are
                                                              forecast to increase by a further 44% by 2023 to reach
                                                              £1.1 billion.
                                                              Brits trim back meat consumption

                                                              While 90% of Brits are red meat/poultry eaters, Mintel
          According to Mintel research, the share of meat-free   research highlights consumer interest in limiting/reducing
          new products carrying a vegan/no animal ingredients   meat consumption remains strong, as 34% of meat eaters
          claim nearly doubled between 2014-17.               reduced their meat consumption in 2018. Younger Brits
            This growing profile of vegan foods is reflected by the   aged 25-34 are the most likely (40%) to have reduced meat
          fact that, in 2017, more than half (52%) of new product   consumption in the last year. A further 21% of meat eaters
          launches in the meat-free foods market were vegan/  say they would be interested in limiting/reducing their
          contained no animal ingredients up from 28% in 2014,   meat consumption in the future, highlighting the growing
          according to the Mintel Global New Products Database   appeal of meat reduction and the opportunity for meat-
          (GNPD). The significant growth in the availability of vegan   free foods.
          products in the meat-free foods market will appeal to   The top three perceived benefits of eating less meat are
          the 26% of consumers who prefer meat-free products   improving health (32%), saving money (31%), and being
          to be plant-based rather than containing eggs or dairy.   better for the environment (25%). Despite improving
          Mintel’s latest research also highlights that the popularity   health being seen as the top benefit, considerably fewer
          of meat-free foods extends well beyond the small pool of   consumers associate eating less meat with helping to
          non-meat eaters who describe themselves as vegan.   manage weight (25%) or reducing the risk of disease (22%).

        Scholarship programme

        launched for aspiring chefs

        Aspiring chefs from all around the world can land a place on a prestigious scholarship scheme, with the launch of the
        50 Best BBVA Scholarship from The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA).
          The annual scholarship scheme identifies talented chefs and seeks to develop their potential with the aid of internships or
        ‘stages’ in the kitchens of some of the world’s best restaurants.
        For the 2019 scholarship, the recipient will be invited to work at:
        ●  Odette, Singapore, led by Chef Julien Royer
        ●  Core by Clare Smyth, London, led by Chef Clare Smyth
        ●  Quintonil, Mexico City, led by Chef Jorge Vallejo.
          The stages will take place between June and November 2019. Aspiring chefs with less than three years’ experience in a
        professional kitchen, as well as ambitious culinary students, are invited to apply online here. The scholarship is open to chefs
        aged 18 and over from any part of the world.
          The first stage of the application process will be open until Wednesday 19 December 2018.

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