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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2018

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        Hospitality the

        future of the

        high street

        The hospitality sector can be the future of the UK high
        street with the correct support from Government,
        according to UKHospitality.
          In evidence to the Housing, Communities and Local
        Government Select enquiry on High Streets and Town Centres,
        UKHospitality Chief Executive Kate Nicholls has highlighted
        the vibrancy and value of the hospitality sector, and underlined   Spud-we-like
        its ability to achieve even greater levels of growth and
        investment with the right support from the Government.
          “This was a great opportunity to put the case for hospitality   Recent research commissioned by Dolmio
        to Ministers,” said Kate. “Hospitality businesses are vibrant   Veggie Goodness reveals that the nation’s top 10
        and resilient and have helped drive growth in every region   favourite vegetables are as follows:
        of the UK, but there is more that they can provide if they are   1.  Potato – 72%  6.  Broccoli – 52%
        given the support they need in their communities. Lessening   2.  Carrot – 66%   7.  Peppers – 47%
        of financial burdens and easing of regulatory issues will
        help hospitality deliver even more jobs and investment   3.  Tomato – 65%        8.  Sweetcorn – 47%
        in communities. Conversely, if businesses continue to be   4.  Onions – 65%      9.  Green beans – 30%
        squeezed, much of the good work they have already done   5.  Peas – 62%          10. Cabbage – 29%
        may be lost.”

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