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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2018

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        Customers’ biggest

        bugbears: slow

        service and rude staff

        The latest statistics from Feed it Back - a leading customer feedback and online reputation specialist - have revealed
        that slow service and rude staff are the main drivers behind disgruntled customers leaving negative reviews when
        visiting pubs, bars, restaurants and casual dining restaurants.
          Analysing customer insights from tens of thousands of reviews written across leading platforms (Facebook, Google and
        TripAdvisor), along with bespoke at-the-table feedback, the findings also highlighted the difference in customer expectations
        when dining in restaurants and casual dining sites, and eating at bars and pubs.
          The principal complaint among restaurant customers was ‘speed of service’, with 20% of negative feedback relating to
        slow food service or long wait times. Most complaints cited time elapsing between being served starters and the main course,
        and seeing other customers, who ordered food after them, receive it before them.
          For pubs and bars, the most common criticism was food quality, with 19% of customers disappointed with how their meal
        tasted. Digging deeper, the statistics revealed that poorly executed simple, traditional dishes, such as chips and a roast dinner,
        were the prominent drivers in negative reviews.
          While interactions with staff drove complaints for both sectors, restaurant-goers placed greater weight on their servers
        with six out of the top ten complaints being related to the efficiency, engagement and attitude of wait staff.
          Meanwhile, pub and bar diners’ grievances focused more on the venue and its surroundings, with over 20% of complaints
        referencing ‘atmosphere’, access to an ‘outside space’, ‘cleanliness’ and ‘value for money’ as chief causes for complaints.
          Speaking about the findings, Carlo Platia, CEO, Feed It Back said: “As a nation, on the whole, we don’t like complaining in
        public - it’s just not in our culture - but we will vent on social channels, review sites and in person to our family and friends.
        Actively seeking out these complaints and understanding what is driving them is not only a crucial step to improving your
        online reputation, but an integral tool for increasing sales.”

          Meat on your pizza? Yes please

          Despite the collossal      Top 8 pizza toppings
          growth of Brits choosing
          a vegan or vegetarian                               Vegetarian       Cheese
          lifestyle, with over 3.5m                            (8.9%)          (8.7%)
          choosing a plant-based                     Ham &                               Ham &
          diet, research by Gousto                  Pineapple                           Mushroom
          reveals that the UK still                  (11.3%)                             (7.9%)
          loves meat on its pizza.
            Over half (56.7%)                 Pepperoni                                        Cheese
          of Brits will choose a               (18.6%)                                        & Tomato
          meat-topped pizza, with
          over a quarter (26.8%)
          opting for the ultimate                Classic                                    & Cheese
          Meat feast. Nearly two                 (26.8%)                                     (5.7%)
          in five (18.6%) choose a
          Pepperoni topping and
          over one in ten (11.3%)    70% of UK prefers to eat pizza in the home
          choosing Ham & Pineapple.  More than 2 in 5 (42%) of Brits eat pizza once a week

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