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Essentially Catering Magazine - November 2018

        Industry News

        Caternet and Ten

        Kites combine to

        mitigate risk in

        allergen arena                                        Beer drinkers’

        In a bid to revolutionise menu and recipe deployment
        for the hospitality and catering industry and to improve   changing tastes
        safety and communication at all stages of the supply
        chain, Caternet, software provider for the hospitality
        market and Ten Kites, the digital menu-publishing     Recent research commissioned by independent pub
        platform, have announced a new strategic partnership.  group Brewhouse & Kitchen reveals that the craft beer
          The companies have combined both of their platforms   revolution continues to go from strength to strength
        to deliver cutting edge technology, connecting hospitality   as follows:
        businesses with live, allergen and nutrition-compliant   ●   34% of respondents (13,780,265) said that beer was their
        recipes and menus and deploying these across all devices,   favourite alcoholic beverage
        channels and apps in just one click.                  ●   Out of those who said beer was their favourite drink, 49%
          The integration of the two platforms will allow restaurants   preferred craft beer to mainstream beers
        and caterers to update daily menus and recipes while   ●   25% (9,880,190) often drink craft beer instead of more
        automatically sharing critical metrics with their own   mainstream beers
        customers via mobile apps, websites and across social   ●   When drinking at a pub, 34% of the British public
        media platforms to increase footfall and remove wasted time   (13,104,252) will try more alternative styles of beer than
        spent manually updating websites and other channels when   they would have 10 years ago
        menus change.                                         ●   23% of women are trying more alternative styles of beer
          “Ensuring consistency of allergens updates across     than they would have 10 years ago
        multiple channels in real time gives greater peace of mind   ●   34% (13,806,265) of Brits are enjoying more alternative
        to hospitality and catering firms,” says Ollie Brand, Head   styles of beer than the ever-popular lager
        of Marketing and Innovation, Caternet. “Having immediate
        access to current menus and nutritional information also   ●   Compared with a nationwide average of 34%, Londoners
        means that customers can review food options specific to   are the most adventurous with their beers, 54% stating
        their own dietary requirements.”                        they experiment more than they would have 10 years ago
                                                              ●   Millennials are nearly three times more likely to be
                                                                adventurous with their beer choices than previous
                                                                “The craft beer market is fast becoming an important
                                                              force driving growth in the hospitality sector, bringing with
                                                              it a new wave of pubs and bars,” observes Simon Bunn,
                                                              Co-Founder, Brewhouse & Kitchen. “Despite this growth,
                                                              it has always been difficult for brewers to rival the multi-
                                                              national companies that have become staples in our homes,
                                                              our restaurants and pubs and our supermarkets. Beer
                                                              brewing styles have been fairly static until the craft beer
                                                              revolution and now, with millions agreeing that they sample
                                                              and enjoy many more styles regularly, a space has opened
                                                              for more adventurous styles to succeed. This research is a
                                                              welcome boost to the market and proves that craft beer and
                                                              brewing is ready to compete on an international level.”

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