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Essentially Catering Magazine - October 2018

        Industry News

        Diners against


        time limit

        Responses to a question - Some restaurants are
        putting a 90 minute time limit on diners in an
        effort to ensure a steady flow of customers.
        Do you think this is a good or bad idea? - in a
        recent YouGov survey were as follows:

                            19%                               69%                              12%

                           said it was a                     said it was a                     weren’t sure
                            good idea                          bad idea

          Full data can be found here
          Ben Glanville, Head of Omnibus UK, YouGov comments: “The idea of 90-minute time limits has shocked many diners
        - and our data shows that the majority of Brits are against the idea. However, those working in the restaurant industry -
        particularly those in the highly competitive mid-market - who are increasingly under pressure due to rising rents and import
        costs, may well take the view that this measure is necessary in order to maximise takings and therefore turn a profit.”

          Great Taste Supreme

          Champion announced

          Out of a record-breaking 12,634 products entered into Great
          Taste 2018, the top honour of Great Taste Supreme Champion
          has been awarded to Premium Pili Nuts with Ecuadorian
          Cacao from Mount Mayon Brand, based in Olongapo City in the
          Philippines, a product that also received the Golden Fork for
          Best Imported Food. The Great Taste judges were “nuts about
          these nuts”, which “explode in the mouth with a fun mouthfeel
          and warm nut flavor.”
            Wild harvested from the volcanic soil surrounding Mount
          Mayon, using a sustainable and environmentally friendly
          process that goes back thousands of years, these Vitamin E
          and Omega-rich pili nuts are pre-sprouted in purified mountain
          water before undergoing a 17-step SloDry process to retain all the
          flavour and nutrients.
            Naturally high in fibre, protein and magnesium, these
          Ecuadorian cocoa-dusted pili nuts have an “ethereal texture”,
          “toasty cereal flavour” and “incredible creaminess” making them
          a “stunning” and “moreish” healthy snack.

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