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Essentially Catering Magazine - September 2017

        Industry News

        Carpigiani launches training

        programme for foodservice

        Following the success of Carpigiani’s Gelato University
        and Gelato Pastry University programmes, the company
        has announced the launch of a series of dedicated courses
        and qualifications for those producing artisan gelato and
        sorbet in kitchens across the foodservice industry.
          Led by Carpigiani UK’s Development Chef, Michele
        Stanco, who formerly headed the pastry team at Heston
        Blumenthal’s, 3-Michelin Starred, Fat Duck restaurant
        in Bray, the course has been designed to meet the needs
        of professionals looking to expand their knowledge and
        experience of using gelato, with the aim of developing new
        techniques and ideas.
          For further information visit either

          Brits’ best bacon butty

          Britons’ ideal bacon butty comprises
          three slices of smoked bacon on a white
          bread roll with brown sauce, according
          to IronmongeryDirect’s survey of 2014
          UK adults.
            44% of respondents said their
          sandwich would be complete with a
          squeeze of brown sauce compared to
          36% who preferred ketchup. 11% selected
          their sandwich without sauce, while 4%
          admitted to choosing BBQ sauce.
            A quarter of Brits (24%) like their
          bread toasted when constructing their
          perfect sandwich, while 43% butter their
          bread before filling their sandwich.
            What people call the bacon sandwich
          is also a matter of question divided by
          region. Those in the South commonly call
          their sandwich a bacon bap or roll, those
          in the midlands opt for cob, while those
          in the North West say barm. Scottish
          residents are also known to call their
          bacon butty a bridie, buttery or rowie,
          with the research revealing they prefer
          sliced white bread (53%) rather than a
          roll (48%).

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